Does deepstream python app read RTCP package and pass it down in the pipeline?

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**• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)**RTX 2060 laptop
• DeepStream Version6.1(deepstream python)
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Hello, i made an ROS2 node which publish images from a rtsp deepstream pipeline via a probe function.The pipeline is based on deepstream-imagedata-multistream. The probe is attach to the tiler sink and publish the Image msg with header.stamp = ntp in NvDsFrameMeta. But when i read the ntp in NvDsFrameMeta, i found it was 0.
So my question is: Does deepstream python app have the ability to handle (or just read) the RTCP package and pass it down in the pipeline so i can access it in probe function, or i just need to double check whether my camera send the RTCP package.
Really need help!!!

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