Does DRIVE AGX have internet access?

Dear friends
I have flashed DRIVE AGX by following the “DRIVE AGX Developer Kit - How to set up video” and the “Flashing Technical Bulletin”.
BUT after that my AGX could not have access to internet, when chick "network"button in “setting” it has warning “The system network service are not compatible with this version”. In that tutorial video I also noticed the AGX ubuntu also do not has network logo on its desktop.
I want to launch demos form usr/local/driveworks/samples which need install Cmake by apt install from internet.
Is anyone has idea to solve the problem? or have I lost some important procedures in AGX setup?


Dear xunan5,
CMake is needed to compile Driveworks samples. Note that, Driveworks samples can not be compiled on board directly and needs to be cross compiled on host machine. Please check Driveworks documentation on cross compiling samples.

Internet should work on the board if the flashing is successful. Could you share picture of where you have connected internet wire?

Thanks for your reply!
I checked the internet wire connector, it plug in the adaptor’s CHANNEL-A port which connected in 10GbE XA.
BUT I think the key point is not internet wire or connecting port, it seams after flashing the bord system do not support internet. My host ubuntu pc could connect with the phone through “USB network share”,but AGX not.
“The system network service are not compatible with this version”. I try to find methods in google but does not work in AGX.

Hi friends
The problem seams solved.The reason that I did not connect AGX to Ethernet while Flashing by SDKmanager, and many apt-get request at the end of flashing by AGX-ubuntu filed.
My laptop get internet through WIFI and I shared the network to AGX from laptop’s RJ45 port. By flashing again, AGX could access the internet and perform well.
So Remember to connect network before flashing AGX.