Does Flashing Jetpack delete all old files on Jetson?

Does flashing the new JetPack 3.2 onto the Jetson TX2 remove all files installed?
In other words, does it format Jetson’s disk space?

Hi gustavvz, by using the default options in JetPack, the target device is flashed and your Jetson’s filesystem is reset to the factory Ubuntu.
Please back-up any files, code, or configuration you want to save from your Jetson before running JetPack.

To disable this behavior, in the JetPack GUI disable “Flash OS Image to Target”. However you will lose out on any L4T kernel BSP driver updates, ect.
So you will want to perform this flashing step to properly get JetPack 3.2 on your Jetson TX2.

Hi dusty_nv,

If I update with the latest jetpack on TX2, Do i need to re-install all the softwares which I installed earlier?



FYI, you might be interested in saving a backup via cloning: