Does Geforce have non-display driver?

Hi all,
The topic in the top of the forum is about non-display driver for Tesla on Windows.
I want to know if Geforce also has this kind of driver on Linux.
I want to setup a Geforce for computation only.

Geforce GPUs on Linux definitely require the nVidia graphics driver to be installed, but it is not a requirement to run an X server or a display on the cards. You can use CUDA applications from a text console and from a Linux server installation without graphical desktop.

Running an X server on the nVidia cards can enable additional features such as overclocking, controlling GPU power management, fan speed control and more. This is done via “CoolBits” entries in the X server’s device section for each card.

Hi cbuchner1,
Thanks for replay. I know there is an application(NVIDIA X SERVER setting) can setup the
performance(power), can the setting been done in console mode?

If we don’t run x-server, will all resources(e.g CUDA cores, memory) be used by CUDA applications?

Another question, dose Quadro has a ‘non-display’ driver?

Tesla is too expensive, I want to build a cheaper computer with Geforce or Quadro for computation only.