Does Gst-nvinfer support the model of lane detection?

Does Gst-nvinfer support the model of lane detection?
When I used Ultra-Fast-Lane-Detection and loaded it into deepstream, I found that gst-nvinfer currently supports not only category related.
I would like to ask the following, how can I add the lane-detection related engine to the deepstream pipeline?

What is “Ultra-Fast-Lane-Detection”? Do you know the input layers and output layers of this model? Is the model provided by Nvidia?
Why do you say “gst-nvinfer currently supports only classification-related”? Where did you get such information?

Thank you for your reply!
Sorry, I didn’t express it accurately
Gst-nvinfer supports many types of model loading, but I didn’t find any lane-detection related models in it.
I wish I could think of using nvinfer to load the lane-detection engine in the same way as the categories in deepstream.
this demo "Ultra-Fast-Lane-Detection " is found on github, does nvidia officially have a similar case about lane-detection.

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Are you working for autodrive product? Nvidia has such kind of model and it is a part of drive product. Please refer to Autonomous Vehicle Development Platforms | NVIDIA Docs and contact them.

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