Does IRay renderer support vertex deformation? (ERROR: Vertex update changes mesh topology, skipping)

Hi All,
I have an animated plant export from Houdini.
As seen on the attached screen recording, both .abc and .usd formats plays in both RTX and PT but I am getting the following error.

Vertex update changes mesh topology, skipping

Any ideas?


Hello @karol.osinski! I’ve pinged the dev team to come help! Someone from the team will reply to you shortly!

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Thank you Wendy!

Hi Karol, could you please provide us the usd-scene so we can take a look what is going wrong?
Thanks, Sandra

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Hello Sandra,
here is the .usd file - banana_animated.usd - Google Drive

thank you very much and have a great day!

Thanks for the scene and have a nice day, too!

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