Does ISP have this crazy feature?

I have a camera module, based on IMX378, where the lens was replaced with a different one, and as was later found out - an incompatible one. I have to say that it is very improbable that there are exist compatible lenses that meet our requirements (parfocal ~5-100mm).
After Lens Shading Correction was calculated and applied it became obvious that there is a severe desaturation around the edges of the frame. This is likely caused by a mismatch in ray divergence angle and the sensor is likely built to accommodate that specific angle.
The application that uses this sensor is a simple GStreamer pipeline run via gst-launch1.0 (because I have no experience in writing such applications in C++, and also I have no experience in Cuda. Both of those things are not very straightforward for me even if you give me the code to run/compile)

The question itself: is there any way to utilize the ISP of the Jetson Nano to correct that defect (apply vibrancy so that it is compensated) in real-time (we’re talking 1080p@120 stream).

Or maybe someone knows (very unlikely) where I can get a pair of IMX378s in BGA packages with at least a pinout (I have a partial datasheet that is enough to run those) so I can make a replacement?

Thank you. Anything will be appreciated.
Demo of the defect.

Sorry, for this cause need tuning process and only scaling partner can access those tuning tools.

Do you mean those tuning tools?
Who I need to call so the tuning could be done?

Yes, and check below link for partner.