Does ISSAC SDK replace ROS2, or is it configured to work with ROS2?

How does ROS2 work with ISSAC SDK?

Isaac is a robotics toolkit for professionals and those who want to learn robotics to create production-ready robotics applications.

Isaac is optimized for complex robotics applications that demand image processing, planning, navigation using processors/systems built for autonomous machines (i.e. NVIDIA discrete GPUs, Jetson AGX, Jetson Nano).

For rapid prototyping, communication between ROS and Isaac is easy and involves turning an Isaac codelet into a ROS node. Details @ the following link.

Hello. I dont understand what thats “The third-party libraries required for the ROS Bridge are only supported on desktop and Jetson Xavier.” mean??

Its not full support ROS on Jatson Nano and other board? or what ??

In that context “third-party libraries” = ROS libraries. We have tested ROS bridge only on desktop and Xavier. Other platforms might require ROS libraries which are cross-compiled specifically for that platform.


When you write “We have tested ROS bridge only on desktop and Xavier”, “desktop” does not make sense.

“desktop” by itself is not a specific platform like Xavier. “desktop” can mean a Linux, Mac or Windows desktop platform/OS. These OS’s (platforms) as you’ve stated, do require specific compilation for ROS to work.

So what “desktop” platform has been tested with ROS1/ROS2 sucessfully?..and have both ROS1 and ROS2 been tested?

Let us all try to be more clear.

Hello s_quintanar

Desktop = PC with Ubuntu 18.04 with ROS1

Hello shrinv,

Does the ROS bridge support the TX2 now?


Yes it does.

Hello everyone. Is there any update on ROS bridge support for Jetson Nano? If not, is it likely that it will be supported in the near future?

@shrinv @DavidWeikersdorfer could you please comment on this? I ask this because I want the realsense T265 to work with Isaac on the Nano, and as @shrinv had suggested on this thread, I can try using the realsense-ros package for t265 and integrate it with Isaac using ROS bridge.

I wanted to confirm the feasibility of doing this on a Nano, and possibility of support before going ahead with an attempt.

Hi, @arjunsengupta98,

Believe ROS bridge shall behave the same on Jetson Nano as on Jetson Xavier, with weaker performance due to weaker CPU/GPU though.
Please let us know if it behaves differently.

Any update on the new release? I wonder if the ROS bridge supports ROS2 by any chance.

We are working on ROS2 support, but it will not be available in the next Isaac SDK release coming soon unfortunately.

when is the next isaac SDK release coming ? will there be complete support for ZED 2 Camera object detection and Spatial Mapping or we have to write the codelet ourselves !!