Does it MUST re-flash cboot.bin file at jetson TX1 add a sensor ?

I have a jetson TX1 ,before is use jetpack r28.1.
now I add sensor device,and use jetpack R28.2.
I can get the sensor RAW data is ALL zero.

Does it MUST re-flash cboot.bin file?
HOW cant I get the cboot.bin?

hello sensor_test,

cboot only handling the booting process,
may i know what’s your request about cboot?

I use the sensor read RAW data is ALL zero.

I see this:

It need the cboot.bin.

hello sensor_test,

you should be able to find the cboot.bin binary files from the attachment.

according to another discussion thread, the problem is in the sensor driver or sensor device tree.

suppose this is same issue you met, right?
then let’s focus on the same discussion thread for solutions.

The attachment cboot.bin binary files is use to R28.1.
Does it can use to R28.2?

hello sensor_test,

please answer my question,
is this same issue as