Does it possible to build a control moment gyroscope in isaac sim?

Hello, I’m new to isaac sim. I have question of PhysX physic engine I found that it caculate coriolis and centrifugal force, does it possible to make control momentum gyroscope to generate torque for stabilization. I have try to build it but it doestn’t working as I expected.

  1. This is the condition when I free gimbal as normal control momentum gyro I found that the rotation of gimbal generate torque and effect to stabilize. I think that normal gimbal should not generate torque how can I fix this?

  2. And another condition is when I fix gimbal, there shouldn’t be torque generate to the body but I found that torque was generated to unstable the body part that is revolute joint of body to ground.

The upper left number is the force sensor at the revolute joint of body to ground.

Thank you for answering.