Does Jetson Nano support UHS-II SD cards?

Does the Nano support and take advantage of UHS-II SD cards?

I read that UHS-II cards are backward compatible and will work in UHS-I mode in, however, only devices that support UHS-II can take advantage of the additional speed provided by UHS-II cards.



The Jetson Nano does support the use of UHS-II SD cards.


Can I plug into the Jetson Nano microsd slot and have it work at the rated speed ?


Hi Manjunath,

We didn’t test it yet, but according to the spec that should be OK to support by Nano.


Thank you.

Hi Manjunath,

Please note that UHS-II card would work on Jetson Nano but it is working by falling back to UHS-I mode.

Hello Thank you for the reply. Is this something that will be fixed in the future ? Is it a firmware fix or a hw fix ? The UHS-I mode card I/O throughput is pretty low. Is there a workaround for this ? Can I have all the filesystems except /boot on a USB-3 connected device ? Will this improve performance ? What is nVidia’s recommendation for this ?

If it doesn’t support it today, it’s probably not got the necessary hardware. UHS-II uses additional pins.

ERROR, WARNING, and FAILURE messages in logfiles should be cleaned up before releasing to the public.
What if Nvidia produced a patched and usable system image every day, like famous Linux distros?

Because all of this is hard. So it’s not perfect. Not many people have Jetson Nanos yet, and most of these issues are spcific to Nano.

As a result not meny people have tested. As a result not as many people have reported. As a result the developers don’t find the bugs that are there.

As a result the bugs don’t get fixed. Solution? Bug reporting. If you find an issue, report it… or you could just wait and the platform will stablize on it’s own.

Yes, there are issues. Never has a release of a hardware of software product gone without them. OTOH most stuff works and you can talk to (some of) the people who actualy write the software, ask them for advice, etc.

RE: UHS speeds, I saw this documented somewhere in your documentation but I can’t find a link. I think it was somwhere near the pci lane configuration documentation for Nano but Niether google or your internal search is yielding any results. Any idea where I saw it?

What a trainwreck, 11 answers, 3 from nv employees and we still haven’t got an answer if UHS-II is possible or just UHS-I

The answer is right there: It is possible to use an UHS-II card, but not at UHS-II speeds.
If this is not acceptable to you, don’t use a Jetson Nano.

Yes it’s backwards combatible, that’s not the question. See how Manjunath asked a good question, but noone bothers to answer. Always easier to say don’t use it.

What’s the point of dev talk if those who have schematics, can’t lookup if reader has UHS-II pins or nah.
I had to search for a while and found, that it doesn’t.
So it’s not possible