Does Jetson support TPM function


Does Jetson support TPM function?
If not, is there any plan to support it before?

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Hi HuiW,

We do not have TPM at current Jetson platform, AFAIK, no plan to support it.
Customer can implement it by the support from TPM vendor through SPI interface and a PIRQ interrupt pin.


I want to connect a TPM device to the Jetson SOM:

  1. I connected the spi interface of our TPM to Spi1 interface in jetson xavier. Is it ok? Shall i use a specific spi interface for that or any spi interface will work with the TPM?

  2. The TPM also has few discrete signals (input & output) - can I choose any free GPIO for it? How do I update the device tree to support my selection?

  3. In the OEM UG the name of the module GPIO is different from the SOC GPIO e.g. GPIO03 on module <–> GPIO52 on SOC. Which one shall be updated in device tree?


hello meital.rave,

  1. please access Product Design Guide and check three of the SoC SPI interfaces.

  2. you might access sysfs to check the GPIO values, please refer to GPIO Changes session to check the GPIO number; please also refer to Topic 58607 for tutorials to use GPIO.

  3. there’s pinmux spreadsheet that indicate the signaling name and also its pin muxing. you may have customization to generate a cfg file for flashing the board to adapt your platform.

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