Does Jetson tk1 has the mechanism of self-halting for high-temperature?

When I plug in the power to the board, it begins to boot. But after about 15 seconds, it suddenly halted, the green light and the fan both turn off. I repeat a few times, all of the same. And I find a certain region of the board is in really high temperature.

Hi codechaser,

Not sure what happened on your devkit, have you flashed with the latest BSP SW?
Could you attach a picture to show which region is in high temperature?


Could you please tell me why I should flash it with the latest BSP SW? I don’t know much about “BSP SW”. I use this board to do some ROS programming and it worked well before yesterday. Sorry for responding too late, we are in different time zones.

I will attach a picture about the region in high temperature.

The region is in the red rectangle, but I don’t know the exact position.

It sounds like hardware failure, but it would be hard to say for sure. If you put the Jetson in recovery mode and have the micro-B USB cable connected to a host you should be able to see the TK1 at the host via:

lsusb -d 0955:7140

Recovery mode itself does not alter a Jetson, but it does drastically reduce what is running. You might try booting in recovery mode and seeing if power drops out the same way in recovery versus normal boot. If things stay in recovery mode for some time and you continue to see the lsusb presence after a few minutes, then the issue probably is software. If you see the same behavior of things stopping, then it is probably hardware failure.

Btw, I’d try all testing with nothing connected (in the case of recovery mode nothing other than the micro-B USB cable). External USB, SATA, so on, will draw power from the Jetson. A serial console though doesn’t draw power from the Jetson, so if you have a serial console cable and can log the output this would be good.

Thank you for your reply. I will try it soon and send feedback.