Does Jetson TX2 NX support setup-device-mode and full-device-mode when USB-C is connected?

I use Jetson TX2 NX with a custom carrier board and access the device via SSH over a USB-C port. Let’s call this mode the full-device-mode.
Are there some other modes, maybe with minimal interfaces/operations, something like a setup-device-mode? If yes, how can I switch to such a mode?
Need to understand if Jetson TX2 NX supports switching these device modes when the USB is connected, maybe based on some condition.

Sorry that actually I don’t know what you are talking about… What is difference between your full device mode and setup device mode? It sounds like something defined by yourself…

Full device mode is the normal mode with full functionality and setup-mode is something like limited functionality/interface support low power mode

Does your lower power mode mean LPM and is your design using usb2.0 or usb3.0?

Is this really something designed by you or it is some board from other vendor? Or you are not sure about what I am saying here?

I’m not sure about what you’re saying.

Just adding that it’s not a USB-specific feature I’m asking for, is there some possibility to switch the power mode of Jetson to some lower power mode, while I can continue accessing the device via SSH?

Ok, my point was your topic and comment sounds like the point here is the usb related feature.

What you are asking does not support. When it is in suspend mode, you cannot ssh to device.

Is the USB Mass storage feature available in any low power modes?

No, it is not there when your board is in low power mode.

Wake on LAN should work to wake the board but it is based on the etherent port but not the usb port.

You might find this useful, which describes the Linux “Gadget” API:

This is a custom USB device mode in which the type-B connectors (OTG ports can work with type-A or type-B, but they have an ID pin to detect which type) where the Jetson can pretend to be various devices (this is custom, not standard). Often an OTG connector can accept either device (type-B cable) or be a normal host (type-A cable plugged in), but some of the models are wired only for device mode (the lane routing will not necessarily go to the right chip for working in host mode for some OTG connectors).

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