Does Jetson Xavier NX support simultaneous WiFi and WiFi direct?

I’m using Jetson Xavier NX with Intel Wireless AC 8265.
I have checked that AC 8265 support WiFi Direct, but according to intel, simultaneous WiFi and WiFi Direct feature depends on the system of Jetson Xavier NX.

So my question is, is the device got certification under WiFi Direct program(support connection, both an intrastructure and WiFi Direct group at the same time)?

If so, it will be so much helpful to provide any kind of material that what procedure can I follow to reproduce it.


That’s related with the networkmanager, and we haven’t tried that for a long tme.
Basically, I gues that should work, you may google it to see how to test it.

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I’ve searched a lot of references and got no reference about simultaneous WiFi and WiFi Direct.
So I’ve asked Intel at first, to get reference about simultaneous setup.

However, Intel said OEM manufactured system has limited support, so I’m asking here now.
Since Xavier is not a vanilla ubuntu, so any other materials, like raspberry tutorials, are not reliable to me.

I also think that it should work, but I’m curious about “Does Jetson Xavier support simultaneous WiFi and WiFi Direct. And if so, any materials on Jetson Xavier can be shared?”

Can you share any materials even if it was tested long ago?