Does L4T 24.1 support udev?

I built driver for a PCIe FPGA card, was able to run “modprobe” to load the driver but no device created under “/dev”. I was able to create devices for the FPGA card using a script in “/etc/init.d”.

I do have “*.rules” for the FPGA card in “/etc/udev/rules.d” installed by “make install”.

Does L4T 24.1 support udev?

Thanks for information in advance.

udev is installed on R24.1. I do not know why the specific case for why your device did not show up. Monitoring dmesg just before and after module insert might offer clues as to device creation and naming. Generally speaking, insert of the module would cause a device special file to be created, and only then would udev intercept and rename the file.

Also, you may want to install package “udev-discover” for experimenting.

I found the problem by reading “README” file in “/etc/udev/rules.d”, the rules for the device should be in “/lib/udev/rules.d” instead of “/etc/udev/rules.d”. I moved the rules from “/etc/udev/rules.d” to “/lib/udev/rules.d” and was able to use “modprobe” to load driver and create devices.