Does Linux kernel (4.4.38) on TX2 support “CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT” and “CONFIG_WEXT_...

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Since we have an additional wireless interface and need to do some performance test under wifi test mode.
Currently the test mode of wifi chip needs to use IOCTL to control wifi chip so needs OS to support “CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT” and “CONFIG_WEXT_PRIV”. I have checked Linux kernel on Tx2, it seems not have these two features. (only has CONFIG_CFG80211_WEXT, CONFIG_WIRELESS and CONFIG_CFG80211). Is there any way that kernel can support “CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT” and “CONFIG_WEXT_PRIV”?

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I think they are no longer on kernel 4.4. It should be only supported on k2.6.

What driver are you using?

Hi WayneWWW,

The WiFi driver is from wifi chip vendor. Normal mode can work, only test mode needs private ioctls.

I have searched related information, it looks like it needs to enable "CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT” and “CONFIG_WEXT_PRIV” to support private ioctls.

Is their driver compatible with k4.4? I think vendor should have some responsibility for this since it is their own driver.

Hi WayneWWW,

I found the solution.
To add "CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT” and “CONFIG_WEXT_PRIV” manually and rebuild kernel can solve this problem.

Glad to hear that ~.