Does MST work on Linux with desktop cards?

I’m about to buy Quadro K4000 or K4200 but I’m using 4 monitors so I’d have to use MST adapter. The problem is that I found some issue reports around the internet. However they’re dated to 2014 so might not represent current state. Does anyone know what’s current status of MST support in desktop NVidia cards under Linux? Of course “mirror” mode is not what I’m interested in.

MST basically works, I have a setup having 2 U2515H and another DP monitor, in a chain.

While MST works, I have some troubles during boot, it can take up to 2 minutes(!) of screen flickering until I can start working.

Furthermore the driver sometimes forgets the tiling and orientation, which can be fixed using

xset dpms force off && xset dpms force on

Thank you for answer.

xset dpms force off

Lol it’s like magical command that fixes all multi head X server issues xD. For now I’m having trouble with dual gpu multi head setup using Xinerama - one monitor doesn’t work when it’s rotated 90 deg. xset makes it turn on properly. It’s like the purest example of “try to turn it off and on”… That’s why I want to upgrade GPU because multi gpu setups are quite troublesome. Especially if GPUs are not the same and I’m using Fermi GTX for CUDA and 2 displays, Quadro 4000 for another 2 displays (one of them 30bit).