Does not recognize nvidia card after update (Ubuntu 20.04)


I cannot say with certainty when this problem arose or what is causing it, there are a few moving parts and I’m not sure where to even look at this point. Any pointers are appreciated.

Previously, I had installed Ubuntu 20.04 and had successfully used the nvidia tools to toggle between Intel / Nvidia graphics.

After updating, my nvidia card was no longer recognized. It does not show up in lspci nor the nvidia tool. When I set “discrete graphics” in BIOS the screen is black when I try to load up Ubuntu.

At the same time, not sure if this is indicative of any wider problem, GUI tools in gnome for firmware updates stopped working as well. When I run fwupdmanager manually get-devices shows a list with current versions, but get-approved-firmware says “no approved firmware”

I’ve tried disabling secure boot, reinstalling drivers, still nothing.



Thinkpad P1 Gen2

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (116.6 KB)