Does Nsight Cuda Debugger support texture value viewing

I want to see the texture values in a cuda program, preferably in a table. Digged around Cuda debugger under Visual Studio 2010 Nsight 3.0 RC2 but could not see anything there.


You can see the info under the “CUDA info toolwindow” when you are stopped at a breakpoint by selecting the Nsight menu > Windows > CUDA info > CUDA Info 1 (or one of those)
Then, from the drop down of the pages, select “Textures”

Is that what you were looking for? thanks

What you have described is exactly what I could find when I posted the question. The texture list does not help much as there is no way of looking at the values in the texture. I have to read the texture into variables and watch the variables, and it has to be done one at a time. AMD has tools to inspect the values or even see the texture picture. I don’t know if Nvidia has something similar.