Does Nvidia Clara AGX support packages outside of Clara AGX SDK?


I haven’t received the Clara AGX box yet but would like to ask questions on the supported software because we want to transfer some C++ software we developed in a Ubuntu 16.04 environment to the Clara AGX machine.

So my question is, will I be able to use the Clara AGX just like a normal machine with Ubuntu operating system on it and install all packages just like on a normal PC?

Thank you so much for your help!

We have the Clara AGX SDK that is tested with and can be installed with the Clara AGX hardware, which is Ubuntu 18.04. I would recommend you transfer and test your programs once you have installed the Clara AGX SDK.

Hi Jin,

Thank you for your reply. Does that mean if the software can run in Ubuntu 18.04, it will be able to run on the Clara AGX machine?

It really depends on which dependencies your software requires. Is there some particular library version such as cuda version / cudnn version / TensorRT version that it needs? The Clara AGX SDK is an ARM based system like other Jetson systems, so that is also a difference from x86 Linux systems if your current work is on one.