Does NVidia driver 495.46 only supports 2 displays per USB-ALT?

I an trying to run 3 4K displays over a Alt-DP (1.4) cable that is connected over a MST dock. The notebook comes with a Ryzen/Radeon + mobile RTX-3060 card, that comes with the video ram and is responsible for to drive 2 Alt-DP (1.4) socket.

I am running a standard Fedora-F35 Linux, so using the RPMFusion is a good way to get the nvidia device to run and to serve the Alt-DP port. There are currently two problems, that prevents me to use my external displays:

  1. When the login-manager gets into business, it checks all possible UI configuration/settings. Gnome/Wayland does not work with nvidia so the gdm checks out X11 and with the result, that “nvidia-auto-select” is unable to find valid modes. As a consequence of this, glxserver_nvidia is marked as non-functional and is beeing unloaded. (see attached log).
    nvidiaXorg.log (21.7 KB)

  2. nvidia driver seems only supports 2 displays, regardless how many are connected. I never managed to get 3 displays working. I can activate any display but not all of them. I reduced the refresh rate of two monitors to 30hz (that works perfectly with windows) but i was never to see more than 2 displays (sometimes with distortions on the right handside of one display.
    If you need any log’s or further information, feel free to contact me.