Does nvidia has some software tools to disable HPD of HDMI in Jetson Xavier?

Hi ,
I am studing how to tuning HDMI in Xavier and I saw some infomation on page 42 of “Jetson Xavier NX Series HDMI Tuning Guide”(DA -09890-001_v1.2).
We want to disable “Hot Plug Detect” of HDMI but we don’t know how to do it . Do you have software tools to do that?


I am not quite sure what kind of “disable hotplug detect” do you want to achieve here.

Can you elaborate it?

I guess you can remove “nvidia,hpd-gpio” from the device tree and it will have no hotplug gpio.

We want to verify eye diagram of HDMI according description on page 42 of “Jetson Xavier NX Series HDMI Tuning Guide”(DA -09890-001_v1.2) " as below .

in “Method #1” , we don’t know how to control HPD pin . We posed this question to our agent and he said that he has no experience in HDMI. This is our first time to verify HDMI device . If you have some tools that can be used to set the HPD pin, please share these tools with us .


Oh ok, that document means modifying the pinmux setting.

Please download the pinmux spreadsheet.

Modify the HPD to TRISTATE.

And follow the document to create a pinmux cfg file and flash it to your board.

Hi WayneWWW,

Thank you for all your assistance .