Does NVIDIA Jetson Nano support OpenGL 3.3?


I am a 3D visualizer who uses Blender. Recent versions of blender only run with OpenGl 3.3

I am curious to test out Blender 2.8 on Jetson Nano. Does the 128-core Maxwell support OpenGL 3.3?

Yes, people have reported getting blender to build and run but I don’t know how well, or if Cycles works, for example.

It may be already built in the Ubuntu repositories (Software tool), but the version they build has no Cuda support last I checked. You can try. It’s worth a shot and easier than building blender from source.

I have built blender form source (years ago, version 2.4 or something) and can advise it’s a large project with many dependencies and a long compile time. You will probably need a swapfile mounted on Nano before truing. Here are build instructions that shout work on nano if the version you want isn’t in “Software”.

Lastly, blender is going to be really slow doing any rendering unless it’s an opengl viewport capture or Eevee. No idea if Eevee would work either on Nano. Anything that relies on the CPU as well like most deformations are going to be slow. Additionally any features that rely on OpenCL like the compositor’s acceleration or OpenSubdiv won’t work.

The Maxwell supports OpenGL 4, so you should be able to use anything with a lower GL version.
Separately, because it’s a really big package, I highly recommend cross-building from a beefy PC host.
(Or perhaps building on a faster/bigger Tegra like the Xavier, and then transferring the result.)