does nvidia provide a git supermodule (using submodule keyword and .gitmodules file) for l4t ?


Is there a git supermodule (i.e. a git repository containing a .gitmodules files and managed using the git submodule keyword) for l4t available on ? And if not,
could one be made available ? I surmise that is already used internally at nvidia. That would be
easier than to track the changes in the names and number of subrepositories in the development of l4t.


Currently it is not available. Source codes are packetized into packages and you can get them from download center:

Please share which source code you would like to be on so that we can evaluate to have it in future releases. It is difficult to have all and would like to know which one has higher priority.

Hi DaneLLL,

Sorry if my request was not precise enough.

My request is about the linux kernel. Currently we have to install jetpack, then find the and then, if we want to modify dtb’s or driver’s and track the modifications using git, we need to create ourselves a git supermodule. Many, if not all, developers working with source of the l4t linux kernel must redo that themselves, although I am sure that nvidia already has that internally. It would be easier and less error-prone for us to simply clone that git repository than retrieve (that I could find nowhere without installing jetpack) and reconstruct the supermodule, especially if we want to target nano and TX2 and Xavier in the same repository.

Meanwhile, a direct link to would already be a great help.

Best regards

Please check if the following link is what you are looking for:;a=summary

Mo, that is not what I am looking for.

What I would like is a git repository containing a .gitmodules file with the urls of all the companion repositories needed to build the kernel, like this one :, but of course up to date with the latest release of L4T.

Uploading the open source code to github has been discussed and as of now it is pending. Will raise it up again and see if it can be supported in future releases.


I do not ask for github. My request is for a git repository containing the list of all the git repositories that are needed to compile the L4T kernel, listed in a .gitmodules file, like in the example I gave

Top tier Linux platforms provide a way to build your own kernel out of the box (among other things). I hope that some day in the future, Nvidia can provide such a top-tier solution.