Does NVIDIA's official jetson nano image comply with ubuntu Canonical's IPRights Policy?

The jetson nano image officially provided by NVIDIA is based on ubuntu-18.04.6. Software such as nvidia jetpack is added to the ubuntu-18.04.6 system, and then packaged and distributed again. Does this comply with ubuntu’s license requirements?
According to the Summary section of the license agreement of the ubuntu official website, refer to the following link, there is a clause: You can redistribute Ubuntu, but only where there has been no modification to it.
How does nvidia comply with the ubuntu license agreement?

The jetson nano image officially provided by NVIDIA can be obtained from the following link

NVIDIA distributes JetPack SDK to be used with NVIDIA Jetson Developer Kits. All NVIDIA components shipped in JetPack have an associated providing licensing terms. NVIDIA JetPack also includes a reference file system derived from Ubuntu. This reference file system includes packages bundled with their corresponding copyrights and licenses terms. Review the open source license terms and the Canonical Intellectual property rights policy before use. Contact Canonical for any questions regarding the Canonical Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

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