Does NVMedia Jpeg encode support RGBA type?

I run nvmimg_jpgenc sample on Nvidia Drive. It success on encode YUV420 format to jpeg format. I try to investigate if RGBA type is supported. I read the source code of this sample and update to make RGBA type workable. Howver, it failed on function NvMediaIJPECreate. It report invalid input parameter.

I only update input surface type of parameters in NvMediaIJPECreate function. Just update from NVM_SURF_FMT_SET_ATTR_YUV(surfFormatAttrs,YUV,420,SEMI_PLANAR,UINT,8,PL) to NVM_SURF_FMT_SET_ATTR_RGBA(surfFormatAttrs,RGBA,UINT,8,PL), then report invalid input parameters.

Does RGBA type supported for NvMediaIJPECreate function?

Hi Leslie.Mao, No, it doesn’t support RGBA. Thanks!

OK. Thanks for your answer.