Does Optix raytrace through optical surfaces?


I am interested in one project where we want to develop a raytracing system that can simulate how the reflected rays from the external world map to retina. For this reason, the rays need to pass through few lenses of different properties after which they hit the retina…and this final mapping of the rays to retina is what we are interested in.

Could you please let me know if this is achievable with OptiX? If not, do you know about something that can?

Thank you and looking forward to your reply,
Martin Peniak

OptiX is a generic ray casting SDK.
You as a developer express your desired ray tracing behavior inside the CUDA C code defining the OptiX program domains. It has been proven to be really flexible.
Following an incident ray and storing its destination surface hit point coordinates should be straight forward. Every path tracer does that per ray segment, you would just need to stop at your retina surface and you’ll have a result per incident ray direction, which reversed basically describes a camera system for arbitrary projections.