Does Parallel Nsight work with Intel integrated graphics?

I want to use Parallel Nsight and see it currently requires 2 GPUs for local debugging (pretty sure will be relaxed in future), which I don’t have.

Does anyone have any experience using Nsight with Intel’s integrated processor graphics as the 2nd GPU? Namely, does it work and how easy is it to switch between using Intel & NVIDIA GPUs?


for local debugging (in the same machine) you need 2 GPUs, each must be either a G92, GT200, or GT400 GPU. Take a look at " System Requirements for Parallel Nsight Software " in


OK, I can see why Vista would require 2 NVIDIA GPUs because Vista is limited to using 1 display adapter at a time, but Windows 7’s WDDM 1.1 supports multiple display drivers,
so doing local debugging with Intel processor graphics should be viable.

I also looked at the documentation for Nsight 2.0 and that 2 NVIDIA GPU requirement still is there. Rats.

Is support for local debugging with processor graphics coming soon?