Does PGI compiler of 18.4 support Fortran 77

I have some codes which are writen with Fortran 77 and I compiled it with PGI 18.4. But when I added some acc directives(like !$acc kernels !$acc end kernels), it did not work. So, how can I use openacc in Fortran 77? Is there something wrong?
PS: I made a test. when I change the file name *.F to *.F90 for the same code, it works well.

      program main
      implicit none
      integer a(N),b(N),c(N)
      integer i,j
      do i=1,N
        a(i) =0
        b(i) =i
        c(i) =i
      !$acc kernels
      do j=1,N
      do i=1,N
        a(i) = b(i) + c(i)
      !$acc end kernels
      print *,"a(N)=",a(N)

And I use “pgfortran -acc -Minfo *.F -o TEST” to compile it.

When using fixed-form source, such as in the example compiled with ‘.F’ file suffix, you should ensure that the directive ‘!$acc’ starts in the first column of the line.

In free-form source the starting column for the directive is not important.

Thank you, I solved it with your said.