Does r375 U7 377.35 address Security Bulletin: CVE-2015-7865?

My apologies, I can’t believe this is the correct place to put this, but NVIDIA Customer Care (Question Reference # 170614-000371) indicated I need to ask my questions in the DEV forum with no indication of which to post in.

  1. Does r375 U7 377.35 address Security Bulletin: CVE-2015-7865: Stereoscopic 3D Driver Service Arbitrary Run Key Creation?

  2. If so, what impact will there be to clients with older drivers or who are on alternate branches (e.g. ISV certification, features, application employing CUDA processing)?

While it’s pretty safe to assume it is supported, I can’t assume anything and am hoping an NVidia employee can reply authoritatively to this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi sreinsborough,

For product security questions, please visit the NVIDIA Product Security web page. The page for the issue you reference is here:


Ryan Park