Does RTX A5500 GPU support Multi-Instance GPU (MIG)

Hi. I have the RTX A5500 GPU in my workstation. I want to create virtual machines so that multiple clients can use the workstation resources at the same time. Although other components such as RAM, CPU, etc can be divided into pieces, I couldn’t find a way to do the same on my GPU. I checked NVIDIA’s website for it and found out about MIG. However, it is only supported by several GPUs. The GPU supporting MIG should have Ampere architecture and its compute capability version should be at least 8.0. My GPU has Ampere’s architecture but I couldn’t find any information about its compute capability. The RTX A5000 GPU has an 8.6 version so I supposed my GPU also has at least that version. I don’t know whether my GPU can support MIG for GPU share. Is there a way to check it? Thanks for the replies in advance.

no it does not.

The GPUs that support MIG currently are A100, A30, and H100.