Does TAO toolkit support multi-labeling?

I’m trying to train detectnet v2. I need to know if TAO supports multilabeling?
Or maybe there are some ways to make the model train for the multilabeling task?
Maybe somehow format the kitty annotations?
Any ideas, thanks

Yes,it can. Please find more detailed info for the multitask classification network in the user guide.

I just found Multitask Image Classification — TAO Toolkit 3.21.11 documentation but I’m not sure about it. However, the classification instruction is written there, but I have the task of detecting objects using DetectNetV2, I don’t know if it is compatible

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Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

May I know more details about the multi-labeling with object detection?
Could you share an example image/label ? Thanks.

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