Does Tegra X1 support 10bit display?


I found in TX1 whitepaper that says:

Tegra X1 supports 4K H.265 (HEVC) and VP9 video streams at 60 fps. Other processors support 4K at 30
fps, and deliver sub optimal experiences while viewing fast action sports, movies, and video games.
Tegra X1 also supports decode of 10-bit color-depth 4K H.265 60 fps video streams.

So, does it also supports “output” of 10bit color depth to sceen (if screen support 10bit display)?

I’m not sure which packages provide commands “glxinfo” and “xdpyinfo”, but those commands typically provide information based on the combination of API and hardware currently running (you wouldn’t get a correct response if you used ssh login…you’d need to log in natively to the hardware being checked). If you have a monitor currently connected which supports 10-bit, then those commands might provide information you want for the X11 server as a whole and for OpenGL apps. I do not know what limits the Tegra X1 itself has.

mesa-utils includes glxinfo
x11-utils includes xdpyinfo

Thank you guys, I got it.

I would try to check those information.

@AshleyYen, Did you find a way to force the board to output 10 bit color depth (Deep Color), can you explain how you did it?

@Others, Can someone please let me know if there is a way to force the Jetson TX1 board to always boot into one of the fixed colorspaces and colordepths. I would really appreciate it!

Hi IS-118,

The deep color mode (10-bit/12-bit) over HDMI is not supported on TX1.