Does Tesla T4 on Cloud support OptiX ray tracing engine?

New to Cloud and Server Card.
Anyone know if Tesla T4 on Cloud support OptiX ray tracing engine?

In principle that should work, but depending on the OptiX version you use (recommended OptiX 7.x or at least 6.5.0) this requires a very recent display driver to work and the Data Center Tesla Release Drivers are on a different release schedule than the standard drivers.

Check which display driver version is installed on the Tesla T4 system you’re planning to use and compare that with the minimum requirement for each individual OptiX version you can find inside the OptiX Release Notes document directly below the resp. download button for each OptiX version.
Older versions than OptiX 7.2.0 can be found via the All Older Versions button at the bottom of the OptiX download page (both links require a free account log-in).

The newer the display drivers, the better, because the OptiX 7 and 6.5 core implementation lives inside the display drivers.

If the display driver version is sufficiently new, check if the OptiX SDK programs work.
If not, because the driver components couldn’t be loaded, follow the recommendations in the linked thread below.

There have been issues finding the necessary display driver components for raytracing on systems running only Tesla boards.
Also in case of Docker images sometimes the necessary display driver components were simply missing.

Please find some more information inside other threads on this OptiX sub-forum.
This one seems to have all potential Linux issues in one thread (missing driver components, incorrectly installed display drivers, unsupported GPUs):

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