Does the Jetson NX platform support expansion physical RAM?

I want to run more business applications in JetsonNX platform, but there is too little memory on the NX(8GB).
Swap is too slow compared to using physical memory,i want the expansion physical RAM can be expand from 8GB to 16GB or more.
Does the Jetson NX platform support expansion physical RAM?Is there a detailed guidance process?

I suggest using AGX xavier with 32GB RAM

The AGX is more expensive than nx,and its cooling module is too big,our application scenario has a weight limit.

Your Xavier NX runing on microSD or NVMe SSD?
If running with NVMe, the swap speed still acceptable.

The SSD only have few hundred megabytes write speed , there’s a big gap between his speed and physical memory?

PCIe NVMe SSD M.2 (NOT SATA type), example WD Blue SN550 1TB Read speed 2400 MB/s & write speed 1950MB/s. if you want more faster can try WD Black SN750.

I’m using WD 550,and there are also Samsung’s higher speed SSD.But the speed you’re talking about is a shorttime continuous area,If I write a random region continuously for a long time,it only had few hundred megabytes write speed,I think there is a gap between its write speed and physical RAM in gigabytes per second

I think this is the limitation on Xavier NX. I don’t think it can add any additional RAM. This is the reason I buy AGX. I use it for AI Vision, like Pytorch & Tensorflow.

“weight limit”? use for what application? for drone?


The DDR capacity in module is fixed and can not be expanded.

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Does Nvidia plan to release a new Jetson device this year?
I think Nvidia should release a product of type NX with more memory, the current NX DDR‘s capacity can’t take full advantage of its computing power,and the AGX is too expensive and heavy.

Hi @blstcvLiu, please refer to the Jetson Roadmap page:

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Do you have the hardware specifications of Orin?Like how much DDR it has?

That information has not been made public yet - stay tuned.

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