Does the Jetson TX1 can support the imx219 mipi sensor?

The Jetson TX1 can support the imx219 mipi sensor?
Where is the drivers?
How can i compile the drives?
Who can help me?

hello nbiot2017,

there are sensor drivers, you could check imx219 sensor driver at below path.


also, there’s documentation for your reference,

How can I compile the IMX219 drivers?

hello nbiot2017,

it’s kernel drivers,
please check the documentation about the kernel customization,

hello JerryChang,
I have some other question:
1.Is the IMX219 MIPI sensor MUST need the Jetson TX1 integrated ISP support?
2.How can I get the imx219 mipi sensor programm information for Jetson TX1 integrated ISP?

hello sensor_test,

(1) please check [Sensor Driver Programming Guide]
there are two types of camera programming paths, depending on the camera and the application.

(2) may i know what’s the exact information you would like to know?