Does the Jetson TX2 support gsync?

Just wondering if the TX2 supports g-sync, as I find the non-tearing on my 1080 to be a brilliant thing.

A deep dive into the documentation reveals that the hardware infrastructure is in place for G-SYNC, but we currently don’t support it in software/L4T, nor are there plans to do so. Can you share how you might deploy G-SYNC, or are you asking out of curiosity?

One function I would use it for is latency mitigation of streaming video. Using G-sync, we could guarantee all frames are displayed with the need for a jitter frame buffer after decoding a streaming video.

Well my TX2 arrived today and I plan to use it to build a custom terminal prototype to visualize high dimensional data in finance. There will be quite a lot of animation and I would have liked it to be as smooth as possible.

I know this thread is a bit old, but gsync would be handy for us for sure. We are a major manufacturer of display systems which often involve tiled or blended displays. System wide frame-locking is a must in most of our applications. Being able to gsync TX2’s would be quite useful.

Have plans changed to implement this?

Alternatively, are there any other mechanisms to synchronize the v-sync output, e.g. via software, even if it is not true frame lock? e.g. to a PTP syncrhronized system clock?

We are struggling with this too. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
We would like to display 1 quad screen and 2x 1080p videos on two other
monitors. We are getting reports test ‘tearing’ when there is a lot
of horizontal motion (i.e. panning a camera).


Nvidia, any input you could share?

We are interested on adding this support, can we just go ahead and check the registers in the TRM to enable G-sync support?

Edit: I need to clarify what I am asking for, it is not gsync as most would interrupt it (between a GPU and display). That is my fault and I appologize.

What I am asking for is a way to frame align the HDMI/DP output of muliple Jetson TX2 boards, i.e. global synchronization. For backgrouund, traditionally a Quadro Sync card was used between 2 GPUs to achieve this in the PC world. It would be great if there was a way to either hardware frame-align the outputs or a software method.

My question should probably be in a different thread

We do not support gsync or global synchronization on Jetson platforms. If you require the feature, please make a new post and share detail about your usecase. We will check and evaluate. Thanks.