Does the LoadMesh() Function costs so much time?

Dear Developer:
I am dealing with a question about improving the rendering scene’s rate. Afer testing, i find it that My algorithm costs a little time. However, the loadmesh() function of the OptiXMesh class costs so much time. At the same time, the 3D Obj file is very large, too.
Above this question leads to a slow rate of imaging. Do you have a any good idea about this situation? Thanks!

The OBJ file format and its accompanying MTL material file format are ASCII only.
Loading and parsing the text alone and transferring it into an OptiX scene representation needs time.

If you need to load huge scene files it would be more efficient to use some other format with a binary representation on disk (and possibly more suitable scene structure) inside your application.

Note that the simple examples inside the OptiX SDK are meant to show how individual features work. That it contains some scene loader is just to have more interesting geometry in a few samples, but none of the optixu or sutil utility code is really required inside an own OptiX application framework.