Does the monotor specifications matter for displaying with Mini PC with NVIDIA GEFORCE 1050?

I recently bought This Mini PC. It works fine with other monitors except one. This monitor does not display anything. It says no signal sign. However, the same connection (HDMI) works fine with another mini pc.
I also tried to connect the same monitor with computer having NVidia 3090 rtx and computer having NVIDIA 2060 super, the same problem occurs. There is no display in the screen.
Can you please help me solve this issue.

Hello @dripcamp ,

thanks for reaching out.

Yes, monitor specifications matter, especially with HDMI. From the web page you linked I could not see for which HDMI version that monitor is certified, or if it is certified at all. The Graphics card does an initial handshake with HDMI monitors and if it does not receive the expected information it will not send any signal.