Does the Raspberry Pi camera module 3 have support yet?

I am trying to run my camera on the Nano and it says camera not found. I have tried booting with it plugged in and that does not work either. I have also tried both CSI ports.

hello kinster2014,

did you meant Raspberry Pi camera v3, IMX477?
may I know which JetPack release you’re working with, had you configure CSI to update the device tree overlay?

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Hello JerryChang,

I am not currently home right now to check, but I updated to the most current. I just got my Jetson Friday. So everything was fresh. I did not configure the CSI to update the tree overlay though. I’m still new to this so I haven’t gotten into the finer details yet.

I also do want to mention that I kept getting stuck on the white loading screen with the 4.6.1 flash for the developer edition. So I had to flash the 4.6 version and update/upgrade and it worked fine. Not sure what happened there.

Thank you

hello kinster2014,

it’s by default using IMX219, please execute Jetson-IO to configure Jetson Nano CSI connector.
please see-also developer guide, Configuring the CSI Connector. thanks

Is there any update for this?

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