Does the RTS5411S chip need to burn firmware

Hello, I have purchased a board for the Jetson Nano B01. Due to careless operation, the RTS5411S chip was burned down. I have purchased a board that cannot be used after being soldered on. Do I need to burn firmware for the RTS5411S?

What do you mean? You have purchased another devkit board?

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No, I only bought an RTS5411S chip, but it cannot be used. Do I need to burn firmware to the chip?

My question is why can’t the board be used after installing the new RTS5411S chip?

I think so, you can check with vendor first.

The supplier said that the official kit is from nvidia’s original factory, so let me post a consultation on the forum

As you can see in Design Guide:

The USB 3.2 hub design uses a Realtek RTS5411-GRT device. The hub device has been customized using internal fuses with the Realtek tool. A design intending to duplicate the developer kit hub implementation should customize the hub as follows:
 Power enables (DPS1/2/3/4_PWR) set to be active high
 Charging feature disabled
 SSC valid

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Thank you for your answer. Now I just need to follow the three steps you mentioned, and the chip can be used normally?

Yes, you’d better to check with vendor for these first.

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