Does the RTS5489 SPI FLASH need to be programmed or configured to work normally?

We need to remake a circuit board suitable for JETSON XAVIER NX, and need to ask some questions, hoping to get your answer.

After making the circuit board, does The SPI FLASH FOR RTS5489 OF USB3.1 GEN2 HUB x4 PORTS IN The Circuit schematic of JETSON XAVIER NX need to be programmed or configured to work normally?
If RTS5489 SPI FLASH needs to be operated, please tell us how to operate it.

For this problem, could anyone help me?

Hi, please check with vendor for the method on this. As said in product design guide below, the flash is for hub configuration.

The USB SS hub design uses a Realtek RTS5420 device. The hub circuit includes a SPI FLASH device which holds configuration information. A design intending to duplicate the developer kit hub implementation should include the same SPI FLASH programmed to match, or the hub should be customized with fuses with the same settings. The configuration in the SPI FLASH includes the following:

Power enables (DPS1/2/3/4_PWR) set to be active high
Charging feature disabled
SSC valid

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