Does the switch support mac vlan functionality

In the networking environment of mobile office or wireless access, when the user’s access VLAN is fixed, but the access port is not fixed, the MAC VLAN function can achieve that when the user accesses the network using any port of the access device, they can be divided into the same VLAN.

The switch information is as follows
model: MSN2700-CS2F
version: 3.10.3004

Hello zjf1

I’m not sure I understand your question, but I would encourage you to check the Onyx user guide in regards Vlan. I hope you can find the answer there. Otherwise, please paraphrase your question or provide an example from another vendor if that helps explain the request


NVIDIA Support

Hello, I have reviewed the link you provided me and it is not what I want.

The scenario I want to implement is as follows:

When the physical location of the terminal changes, regardless of which interface or switch it is connected to, it can obtain the IP address of the same network segment. Simply put, after the terminal changes location, regardless of which interface it is connected to, it can obtain the address of VLAN10 instead of VLAN20. In this case, MAC-VLAN needs to be used.


The document I provided is the user guide to the switch running Onyx NOS. If you have searched through it, and you have not found the feature you need ( MAC VLAN ), then it is not supported.

I’m still not sure I understand what you want to implement. Onyx does not support dynamic access vlan allocation. I don’t know if you are referring to a feature such as the following link (which is also a feature not implemented in Onyx)



So it seems that this switch is not supported anymore.

Yes, it is the function shown in this link. Does your company have a 100G switch that supports this function?


The SN2700 is replaced by the SN3700C
SN3700C advantages:
• 128 x 10/25G are supported. Every 100G port can split to 4 without disabling neighbor ports
• Larger buffer
• Enhanced telemetry
• Faster CPU

All cables/transceivers which were certified on the SN2410/2700 platforms are certified on the SN3420/3700C

As for the VLAN MAC feature, I would encourage you to contact your NVIDIA Sales representative with your use case and deployment size in other to file a Feature Request.

Okay, thank you very much for the answer