does tone map curve work in argus

I am trying to set a custom tone map curve. There is a function in the argus api for this for setting a custom tone map. So far I’ve been able to make the image all white, all black, or extremely noisy. Is this function verified to work? What are valid values for the tonemap? I got a reply that the tone map has a size of 129 so I am passing the set tone map a 129-element float vector.

hello stmpixels,

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It’s been verify it’s working.
Share part of some code for tone map here.

float toneval[129]=
		std::vector<float> curves(129,0);
		uint32_t curve_size;
	    IAutoControlSettings *iAutoControlSettings =

	    curve_size = iAutoControlSettings->getToneMapCurveSize(RGB_CHANNEL_R);
	    for(int cnt = 0; cnt < curve_size;cnt++)
			curves[cnt] = toneval[cnt];
			iAutoControlSettings->setToneMapCurve(RGB_CHANNEL_R, curves);
			iAutoControlSettings->setToneMapCurve(RGB_CHANNEL_G, curves);
			iAutoControlSettings->setToneMapCurve(RGB_CHANNEL_B, curves);