Does TX2 NX support USB3.0 in device mode


Can we configure USB3.0 port of the TX2 NX to device mode?

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No. USB2 is the highest speed. On dev kits this runs through a micro-OTG port which has no support of USB3, but I think even if you had a custom board with USB3 to a type-B connector this would likely not be supported. Also, there is no support for isochronous mode even at USB2 speeds.

Thanks for the response! Sorry not being precise in the first message.

So we’re designing a custom carrier board for TX2 NX and USB3 port of the TX2 NX is routed to USB Type-C connector. Therefore we were wondering does TX2 NX (or actually the SoC in the module) support configuring the USB3 port to device mode instead of host mode?

That’s one I can’t answer. Possibly, not sure. However, if it does work, then you still would not be able to use isochronous mode. Someone else will have to answer, but I don’t think USB3 can work in device mode even on a custom carrier board (I’d also be curious to confirm that or not).

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