Does TX2 support Sony IMX265?

Hi, I am working on jetson TX2.
I need global shutter cameras because my application includes many movements.
And, for accurate time synchronization, I want to use CSI-2 MIPI camera. I also need high resolution video.
I decided to make the camera myself because I couldn’t buy proper camera from the market.

So I have a question. Is it possible to use Sony Pregius IMX 265 image sensor?
If IMX265 camera hardware module is designed and raw data is delivered via CSI-2 interface, does libargus in TX2 recognize it?
If not, which things should I do?
I believe it’s no different with any other raw sensor for TX2, However the long exposure may limited support. I check this sensor’s exposure can support to 30s it could be a problem cause the software timeout when capture the frames.

Thanks for your reply.
However, I checked the datasheets of Sony image sensors, and I found most of high resolution global shutter sensors such as IMX265, IMX304 don’t support MIPI CSI-2 interface. To use them, Sub-LVDS to CSI-2 converter chip is necessary.
Only grayscale and low resolution image sensors support CSI-2 interface.
Right, you need a LVDS to CSI bridge to connect to TX2

Did you make any progress with your camera?

Right now we’re using the Leopard LI-M021C-MIPI, but we’ve had a lot of issues with the parallel->CSI converter chip.

No… we also have many issues related to LVDS to CSI.

So, we change an image sensor to IMX291.

I’m sorry I can not help you.

Is there still any interest to use the GS sensors? We plan to make a LVDS/CSI converter for these, PM me.

This is quite late, but for anyone else on this thread

We are using an IMX264 (5.0 MP, global shutter) from Leopard Imaging. We have some very specific camera requirement, including exposure time and gain. What we’ve learned so far:

  • The stock Leopard Imaging drivers are poor. Exposure and gain control do not appear to be implemented correctly, there is notable artifacting.
  • The argus and nvcamerasrc ISP’s produce a horrifically noisy image with low exposure times
  • You can still get the raw 12-bit bayer data from the sensor yourself through the V4L2 interface directly and do your own image processing
  • We have issues with the sensor freezing after 3-5 hours of run time.
  • We’ve been working with David Soto and the RidgeRun team to improve this, they have been very helpful

Could you please share your driver here for helping any others. Or upload to somewhere and share the link here.

@RS64 The changes to make it go directly to V4l2 would be very valuable to me as well for a project I am working on. Not sure if sharing is within the realm of possibility but it would be huge. Thanks for the feedback regardless!