Does TX2's CSI interface support RAW12 and RAW14 format video input

Does TX2’s CSI interface support RAW12 and RAW14 format video input?
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hello caysno,

yes, please check [TX2 TRM]-> [Video Input (VI)]-> [Input Data Formats] for more specific details,
you’re able to access [Tegra X2 (Parker Series SoC) Technical Reference Manual] from Jetson Download Center,

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There seems to be some ambiguity around whether RAW14 is supported on the TX2/TX2i. The following thread, has a post a month after JerryChang’s confirmation that RAW14 is supported stating that it is not:

I have looked at the latest kernel source and it only appears to support RAW10 and RAW12. Can someone confirm if there is kernel support for RAW14, and if not, is there an estimate as to when/if it will be added? If not soon, would it be a tremendous effort to add it ourselves?


hello damon.floyd,

please check the [Tegra X2 (Parker Series SoC) Technical Reference Manual], RAW14 is supported according to the [Input Data Formats].
since we don’t have RAW14 hardware from our side for validation, you should modify the VI driver to extend the support formats.
this is quite an old discussion thread, suggest you test and file another new issue if you need further support.