Does using an IGP for display and a GTX 460/470 for CUDA actually work on Windows 7?

Since there’s no Windows 7 forum, I’ll post this here.

I’m thinking of buying an AMD 890GX or 880G chipset motherboard and pairing that with a GTX 460 (GTX 470 if money allows) for CUDA. I’ll use the onboard Radeon 4290 for display. I’ll be using Windows 7 64 bit. As I understand it, Win7 does allow one to use Radeon and Nvidia drivers side-by-side, but does this actually work properly for CUDA? I would suspect that the only area that might be affected is interoperability with OpenGL and DirectX.

What about Intel’s integrated graphics? Do they work for this kind of use? If so, do they give more problems or less?

Thanks for the info.