Does VIC support BGGR?

Hi NVIDIA team,
I have checked NvBufferColorFormat in nvbuf_utils.h. There is no raw format in that struct. I want crop the raw12 frames, any way can do it quickly?

VIC does not support bayer format. What’s you use case?

Hi ShaneCCC,
Right now my cameras working on Fpdlink’s sync mode. Every frames are combined by four cameras. Like my camera resolution is 1280 720 , four cameras output from video0 is 5120720. So i want divide them to four frames.

Why not just implement 4 individually camera as input?

Sorry, I have not find any conference about that like vc-id. Do you have any conference?

Please have consult with the camera partner.

Well, thx. Do we have some kernel driver conference about vc_id?

There’s a reference driver imx390 with serdes.